Objective: To develop and grow our members professionally and economically and to create for them a safe and meaningful community of peers.


  • Increase our membership to 1000 in the next 10 years. (100 per annum)
  • Provide a safe community for members to express themselves.
  • Develop a Sacco for members to save and borrow from the common fund
  • Build a recreational centre that can be used by members when in Rarieda. The centre will include accommodation, conferencing and leisure facilities.
Membership Development and WelfareIncrease MembershipAwareness creationReferralsEase of registration (use of technology)2023 -2030 All
Build a communityQuarterly meetingsOnline groups (WhatsApp, telegram, LinkedIn)Team building and fun filled activities
Build a SACCO for financial wellnessRegister a SACCOInvite membersElect officials
Recreational CentreFundraiseDesignBuild Popularise/ market