Our Pillars

Pillar 1

Policy and Governance Advocacy

It is the intention of the trust to support elected government officials and government officers in achieving the vision 2030 particularly in Rarieda sub-county. To this end, the following goals will be pursued in the next 10 years.

Objective: To provide strategic professional support to the government establishment of Rarieda constituency towards the socioeconomic development of the constituency.

Pillar 2

Community Development

Objective: To mobilize our membership towards community development and philanthropy.

Cognisance of the fact that our members are educated and have progressed economically, we wish to give back to the society and support the community towards prosperity and progress. RPT has singled out the education sector as a rewarding field for systematic and sustainable giving back to the Rarieda society. We have high hopes for a beneficial return to the community through investment in the intellectual development of our people.

Pillar 3

Fundraising and Income Generating

Objective: To set up and profitably operate the commercial wing of the trust.

In line with its mission and competitive advantage, the RPT will seek to establish a business concept around the following three (3) key themes:


Pillar 4

Member’s Welfare and Development

Objective: To develop and grow our members professionally and economically and to create for them a safe and meaningful community of peers.


Aram Centre, Rarieda, Siaya County

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