Objective: To set up and profitably operate the commercial wing of the trust.

In line with its mission and competitive advantage, the RPT will seek to establish a business concept around the following three (3) key themes:


  • Business Training and Advisory Services,
  • Research Centre,
  • Tour guides and Travel agents

These services will enable the trust to generate income and conduct its activities with ease.

Fundraising and Income GenerationBusiness Training and Advisory ServicesTrain small businesses in the constituencyEstablish partnerships with livelihoods NGOs and donors like USAID, Palladium, MESPT to train and offer advisory services to the youth.2025 -2030 All
Research CentreEstablish a thinktank to develop periodic research studies on relevant themes. Crucial data to be shared free. Premium data to be disbursed to institutions at a cost. Get institutions to finance research in the constituency
Tour Guides and Tour MarketingDesign a website with tourism opportunities in RariedaEstablish a tour officeBring on board local tour destinations/ outletsCreate awareness