It is the intention of the trust to support elected government officials and government officers in achieving the vision 2030 particularly in Rarieda sub-county. To this end, the following goals will be pursued in the next 10 years.

Objective: To provide strategic professional support to the government establishment of Rarieda constituency towards the socioeconomic development of the constituency.


  • Rarieda strategic plan 2025 to 2035 (Rarieda Vision 2035): RPT will through a consultative process, use its rich data base of qualified professionals in Rarieda, to set out the overall goals and aspirations of the people of Rarieda for the next 10 years, and develop a blueprint to achieve them. This blueprint will be called Rarieda vision 2035.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: Forge strategic partnerships with the local Member of Parliament, County government and the National Government towards the betterment of our community. Additionally, RPT will work with likeminded organisations, NGOs, donor agencies, religious organisations and community groups towards the prosperity of Rarieda.
  • Citizen-focused legal and policy framework: Formulate and present draft legal and policy proposals towards areas of interest in the community to the local and national governments. Additionally, engage with legal and policy proposals by the governments in public participation fora.
  • Thinktank: RPT will provide knowledge and research products to organisations keen on engaging with the community or investing in rarieda. To this end, the trust will have a frequent magazine to provide news, opinions and data on the status of development in Rarieda. The trust will also have frequent research of matters of concern to the public.

This is the core pillar of the group as it speaks to the mission of Rarieda Professionals Trust and its relevance to the community.

PillarGoalsActivitiesTimelines/ Agents
Community DevelopmentRarieda Vision 2035 Oct 2023 to Aug 2024Engage an external consultant to facilitate processInternal consultations within RPTCommunity engagement to align prioritiesRefinement and draftingValidation PresentationOct 2023   Nov – Dec 23 CommitteeFeb – Mar 24 ConsultantApr – May 24 consultantJune 24 Cons.August 2024
 Partnerships June to Sept 2023Partnership with MP’s office and county governmentsPartnership with CBOsImmediate – TL   July – Aug 23 TL
 Legal and Policy Framework 2025 – 2027County strategy on miningCounty policy on fishingAgriculture development2025 -2027 Various Members
 ThinktankDevelop monthly magazinesPolicy commentary & feedbackResearch and Knowledge generation on numerous topicsContinuous – TL   2025 – 2027 Various members