About Us

Our Story

The quest by many young visionaries in Rarieda, to explore ways of making a contribution and giving back to the community, including the desire to see development resulting from the many initiatives of the government and local leadership, has resulted in the formation of Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT).

Our mission is to partner with the various stakeholders in Rarieda and affiliate with all like-minded existing professional groups and leaders to provide a full proof 10-year strategic plan that will ensure tangible developmental results.

Toward this end, we look forward to a powerful and progressive forum that harnesses the active input of time and resources of our members and the participating community for fiscal development for posterity in Rarieda.

Our Vision & Objectives

Harnessing the power of our professionals for fiscal development for posterity.

  • Economic development mapping, planning for prerequisite infrastructure and lobbying for development
  • Acting as watch dog and advise on best governance and leadership models
  • Giving back systematically and sustainably
  • Development of recreational centre for members
  • Carrying out business within Rarieda with a view to spurring economic development especially targeting agriculture, trade and the tourism sector

Implementation Philosophy

  • Membership drive
  • Physical mapping
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Data collection for the Strategic plan
  • Publications/social media presence
  • Focus on education for purposes of initial giving back
  • Development of the 10 year strategic plan
  • Registration of the Business Wing
  • Registration of the Trust
  • Planning for Development of the Recreational Centre


Aram Centre, Rarieda, Siaya County

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(+254) 721 560 506