Rarieda Professionals Trust

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.

About RPT

Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT) is a body of graduate professionals united in efforts for assistance in preparation of 10 year strategic plan for Rarieda Constituency (2020 – 2030).

Our view is to streamline efforts towards accountability in leadership, sustainable economic development, and better conditions of living for the over 135,000 residents of Rarieda.

Our Purpose

RPT brings together all graduate professionals with roots or heritage in Rarieda, thus creating synergy in development by pooling together skills and expertise from different fields.

This is leading to results which build a progressive community that values and appreciates professionalism and rewards genuine hard work in school.

Join us!

Our mission is to partner with the various stakeholders in Rarieda and affiliate with all like-minded existing professional groups and leaders to provide a full proof 10-year strategic plan that will ensure tangible developmental results.

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Stories from Rarieda

Pillar Number 4: Member’s Welfare and Development

Pillar Number 4: Member’s Welfare and Development

Objective: To develop and grow our members professionally and economically and to create for them a safe and meaningful community of peers. Goals Increase our membership to 1000 in the next 10 years. (100 per annum) Provide a safe community for members to express...

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Pillar Number 3: Fundraising and Income Generating

Pillar Number 3: Fundraising and Income Generating

Objective: To set up and profitably operate the commercial wing of the trust. In line with its mission and competitive advantage, the RPT will seek to establish a business concept around the following three (3) key themes: Goals Business Training and Advisory...

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Pillar Number 2: Community Development

Pillar Number 2: Community Development

Objective: To mobilize our membership towards community development and philanthropy. Cognisance of the fact that our members are educated and have progressed economically, we wish to give back to the society and support the community towards prosperity and progress....

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Aram Centre, Rarieda, Siaya County

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