As we strive for the ten (10) years strategic plan for Rarieda (R10SP), the other key mission of the Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT) is the launch and progress of its business arm. Our eyes are trained on securing resources for sustainable strategic investments in the three (3) select areas namely: Agriculture, Trade and Tourism.

RPT seeks to establish a business concept around the following three (3) key themes:

  • Constituency Business and Trade Centre
  • Centre for Agricultural Research, Processing and Advisory
  • Constituency Resort and Tourism Coordination Centre

As the on-going registration of the Trust itself, is a lengthy process scheduled to take about six (6) months, the RPT Caucus have decided to operationalize their activities through Raprofessional Limited which is also the vehicle for its planned business undertaking. The good news is that this vehicle is registered and ready to start work.

The Business Daily of 22 October 2019, echoed our vision by stating that, the answer to the question on what it would take to lift half of the poor from poverty in the next 10 years, is a combination of policies, in which the agricultural sector will continue to play an important role, complemented by more and better jobs as well as improvements in education and health.

My life dream as the CEO of RPT has always been to focus on the basics, namely: Nutrition, Health and Education, to ensure high quality human capital development in our society, resulting into productive individuals, whose effort surplus would overflow into building capital for enterprise and infrastructural development.

Agriculture as the backbone of the proposed economic revival in Rarieda, is actually projected to be modelled, in a manner that would initially engage the idle rural labour and in turn, with time, aid the conversion of the same into enterprise, spurring micro-economic activities, that would act as a catalyst for lifting the rural masses in droves, off the economic challenges of our time, into productive aspiring traders and middle men for the value addition and export  stages of the produce.

Trade is the action of buying and selling goods and services and plays an important role in increasing production. Through trade, local and international market would be sought for our produce and once markets and goods transfer channels are organized, we would be left with no option but to increase production of goods, to meet the identified demands.

On tourism, we RPT and the professionals of Rarieda in general, see an opportunity for economic growth. “Dubai was built on the concept of build and they will come.” Today, we see Dubai reported as being the fourth most visited places in the world and with the upcoming Expo 2020, aimed at fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration globally, it might just break another record. All these transformations from a small fishing port just because of the airports that made Dubai a gate way to the world and opened up more opportunities. We believe we can model the tourism opportunities in Rarieda and give Kenya and the world a reason to come, cashing in on their tastes and visit logistical needs.

To this end, Rarieda Professionals Trust, has designed a mega business arm, that seeks to incorporate all professionals, business men, industry leaders and the Constituency leadership. We believe that we have capacity to together build our dreams. In case of deficit, we also have the capacity, to wisely incorporate external investors.

We have a bold proposal, to partner with the government and in particular the Constituency. In the face of changing societal needs, and increasing disruptive business innovations, we believe that with good organization, we deserve and can secure government funding either in the position of government as a partner or lender.

We will be crafting the structures, with sufficient legal and commercial frameworks that would guide the operationalization of this noble dream. We are daring grand dreams, because we live at a time when internet of things (IoT) is working to our advantage, even for a possible crowd funding and sourcing of international financing.  

We believe that in the process of this partnership, we will be able to lobby for establishment of infrastructure for business and basic amenities for the People of Rarieda, in order to create a conducive environment to support both small, medium and large commercial ventures, resulting in improved livelihoods for all constituents at all levels. We also believe that the development of business and infrastructure will go hand in hand, as we seek to operationalize the ten (10) years strategic plan.

2030 is going to be a big year to watch at, as we align the ten (10) years strategic plan for Rarieda (10RSP, 2020 – 2030) to the Kenya Vision 2030. We have the power, will and potential to make this propositions a reality and witness the unveiling, operation and growth of the same in our lifetime. Together, nothing shall be impossible for a people who share common blood, language and land.

Eng. Reuben J Onunga, PE

Team Leader and CEO,Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT)

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.