Objective: To create an exclusive Centre for members of the RARIEDA Professionals Trust (RPT), which will not only offer them and their families a recreational facility, but will be an income generating investment complete with conferencing facilities, data centre, standard recreational facilities and high-end accommodation for our member’s guests and general guests at affordable rates.

To this end, we seek to design short and long term investments programmes that are meant to cash in on current and long term needs of our members as the development progresses. We believe that recreation is beneficial to all people and our hard working professionals of Rarieda don’t deserve less. We aspire to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits in the process of this venture.

The recreational facility will among other things contribute to unity in our organization and strong bond among individuals and families, high quality care ideas for our children, relaxation, and diminished chances of diseases, better bodies, and high self esteem for the participants.

As an economic investment, we plan to draw day and night time visitors to our facility and reap the economic benefits of hosting guests, while the community around us benefit from providing other services like transport, lease of land and specialized equipment, supply of traditional attires and other interesting cultural regalia, handmade craft items, traditional foods, including home stays at a fee where possible and community tourism activities including traditional entertainment at cultural centers.

A detailed partnership arrangement with the community around the recreational centre shall be crafted with a view to economic empowerment of the community, while it also serves as a model for empowerment of all the communities within Rarieda.

This recreational centre does not only target affluent members, but is a path toward a better integration and harmonious coexistence and interdependence thereby creating an inclusive community, while addressing the needs of both classes.

At this recreational facility, will also be hosted a conferencing facility which will be open to the community at subsidized rates, and a data centre meant to support the Rarieda 10 year strategic planning, implementation and monitoring process.

We ultimately seek to promote the values of recreation in the Rarieda society, where hard work is rewarded with quality rest, judicious use of leisure time, reduced juvenile delinquency, physical development and development of socially acceptable behaviors, hence a safe and productive community.

The facility will also be open to those who still want to work in an environment of tranquility, by providing few office spaces. The same shall promote tourism services in the Constituency, by also serving as a tourist information centre and will be open to various hospitality establishments within Rarieda to set up booths for promotion of their facilities and services.

Together by God’s grace, nothing shall be impossible for a people who share common blood, language and land.

Eng. Reuben J Onunga, PE

Team Leader and CEO, Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT)

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.