The investment in the younger generation must begin with babies. The mothers must therefore receive the support they need to raise children in a manner that accord the little angels the feeling of belonging and sense of responsibility in our world from a young age. It is also in the domain of mothers that the possibility to raise physically, emotionally and spiritually fit children can be realized.

Investing in children today, means you have a dignified harvest of success for the community in the future. It is at this age, that the future lifestyle of each man or woman is determined. Childhood is the seed age for all life stages and need to be carefully natured.

If we need peace of mind now, and in the future, we must invest in our children’s wellbeing.

Our children can be prepared today to become tomorrow’s citizens and leaders and to play their part in the advancement of business, science and technology. We must show them both the hope and reality of the results of the things we advise them to do. We must lead by example.

To this end, Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT), is spearheading a ten (10) years strategic plan (R10SP), by harnessing the beauty of the daily expressions of desire and the aspirations of the people of Rarieda in seeking a prosperous community. We believe that this plan will open the minds of our people in all ages, as we open up a whole new world of possibilities, never before known to us.

We know that we have within our reach, the power to ensure that our children, just like us, will enjoy a better Rarieda through a well thought out development strategy, that will cut across different sectors.

Together we can gift ourselves a plan (R10SP), that shall cushion us against the unexpected, accord us extra peace of mind and facilitate a loving long-lasting legacy.

We seek to involve everyone in designing the future that we desire to live in. Let us work together in nurturing a community that would be the life capsule and Eden of the generations after us. Let the desire to give our children a better future, drive us to create beauty, with passion.

Eng. Reuben J Onunga, PE

Team Leader and CEO, Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT)

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.