The socio-economic terrain of the globe must change after Covid 19 is swept under the carpet. Continents must change, countries must change, and so people must change. There is need for a paradigm shift even at an Individual level.

Globally, USA should begin to re-think its position as the prefect of the world. The world is watching as the USA is fumbling to contain Covid 19. The ravages within its borders are threatening. China and Russia are watching and could be enjoying the happenings in the USA. Soon they may tell the USA to stop prefecting the world, because it has no moral authority to do so.

On the religious front, Italy, the epicenter of Catholism too has had her share of Covid 19 burden. The Vatican lost over 100 of its priests to the dragon- Covid 19. When the hopefuls have been scattered by an enemy, then know that things are very bad for the hopeless. 

In Kenya, all churches are now closed to keep social distance. The flock is all over now but locked up in their homes, waiting for the second coming- with little attention by the priests and no tithing to support evangelism. Prayer is individual, it has always been, and that is where Covid 19 has taken the “church” back to. It is now every man for himself but God for us all. Each man must pursue his eternal destiny alone, just as we all go alone in death.

Our Health facilities have been shaken a great deal. We thought we had ICUs and the capacities to withstand a catastrophic epidemic, but now we have turned to facilities in education institutions to quarantine our people. We were not prepared, even after getting time advantage, being far from the epicenter of the pandemic.

This is a wakeup call to our governments, on how much we need to invest in our healthcare and education systems. For over a month now, our children have been at home without formal schooling. How l wish corruption did not eat up the conception of digital learning- the tablet learning idea. We lost an opportunity to digitize our learning and parents again had to shoulder the burden and to download and print digital learning materials for their children. Let us think about this post Covid 19.

On a lighter note, on the money front, Covid 19 has reminded us to be saving to secure our future. Anything can happen and you will be left alone to secure your survival. An experience long been reserved for unwise retirees, has hit us all. We will overcome if we seek to be financially savvy forthwith.

By Oyuga Z. Omollo

Member, Rarieda Professionals Trust

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.