We need to begin thinking of Education as an enterprise. We rarely talk to our children of how they should use their education to create jobs. More often than not, we encourage them to go to school, join colleges and finally get prestigious white-collar jobs. This is where we have missed it over the years. We need a thorough paradigm shift. We ought to begin telling our children that once they have gone through Education, they should be creators of jobs and not merely consumers of created jobs.

This is one of the areas in which Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT) proposes to create emphasis and would largely be achieved through a functional mentorship program. Our model will be unique, tailor-made to suit the economic and social situations of our people.

Our view is that, our children should be inducted to understand that, they should use their education to create opportunities for economic growth and not just for gainful employment. How many prestigious primary and high school academies have our sons and daughters founded? Very few. This is where we have lagged behind and comparatively, Central Kenya is doing better that other regions on this front.

Think of any private universities in Kenya, and for your information, three quarters have their origin in Central Kenya. Even the few academies that our sons and daughters have founded have not broken even and achieved profitability. RPT seeks to rally knowledgeable individuals in the education enterprise sector, such as Mr. Job Buoro, who has vast knowledge, ideas and experience on management of private academies to lead us in establishment of a pacesetter profitable academy in Rarieda.

Education enterprise also begins with equipping our youths with the right knowledge and inducting them, so that they give back to the society once they have gained relevant knowledge. We plan to embark on a student identification programme from schools in which they are enrolled, within and outside of Rarieda for mentorship programmes. We seek to build a data base of these students and categorize them using identified acceptable criteria for optimum impact.

This process would involve tracing details of students from their primary schools and tracking them down for a periodic mentorship programme at agreed venues, before the RPT’s conferencing facilities are constructed. Leasing of facilities from existing educational institutions would be given priority in order to create a good platform for partnership with our local education institutions.

The mentorship program is envisaged to include:

  • Career choices
  • Education funding
  • Job placements
  • Job creation/entrepreneurship
  • Giving back to the community, etc.

Further, this programme would require us to know how many Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Teachers, Agriculturalists, Diplomats, etc., Rarieda produces within a span of time, say five (5) years. Once we have the figures, we may design a model for tracking and channeling these human resources in a guided way not only for wealth creation for the nation but empowering the for fiscal development for posterity in Rarieda.

Another area of concern that RPT would explore as necessary is securing funding for our sons and daughters who are brilliant but are unable to pay school or college fees. To this end, RPT is exploring establishment of revolving fund, where part of the funds is returned when the successful candidates get their footing, in order to plough back for sustainability of the programme.

In conclusion, it is very clear that a paradigm shift is needed on this front. Education should not be viewed as a route to wealth creation but wealth itself. Education should be a business and an enterprise. It is the strong feeling of the author that RPT should consider establishment of private ECD centres, Academies and both middle and high-level private colleges – this is where the money is, and where wealth creation lies. These centres should be able to employ sons and daughters of Rarieda and encourage them to use their earnings to give back to the society.

Ladies and gentlemen, this walk is well commenced and all are called upon to stay focused on the ball. It is my strong belief that, with the political sideshows avoided and kept right behind us, objectivity is born and our Education endeavours are destined to thrive and prosper.

Mr. Zeddy Oyuga.

Member, Rarieda Professionals Trust (RPT)

Harnessing the power of professionals for fiscal development for posterity.